Sunday, January 22, 2012

Water Color Nails Mani

Hey guys! So very excited about today's post! I just LOVE how it came out!!
I first saw Water color nails HERE at
And I was really intrigued, but it kind of fell off my radar because I am forgetful
and didn't get around to write it into my Nail notebook (where I keep ideas for future mani's, sketches etc :P)
But then I came along these three other epic water color mani's!

For those unaware of this method/technique, basically you add a color at a time (or more if you want)
by placing droplets of polish onto your base color. Then you use a nail brush that is damp with acetone and kind of swirl it around. Rebecca did a awesome picture by picture tutorial to show you in the above post :)
The result is really pretty but actually very simple!

So first I started with two coats of Zoya-Purity, a white creme. Then added a coat of Seche vite.
Once it was completely dry I started with the yellow, Finger Paints-Catwalk Queen.
After yellow I used Zoya-Shawn, my absolute favorite Zoya green & possibly green period!
The green was followed by Zoya-Cynthia & Zoya-Breezi, then another coat of topcoat when I was finished!

The bottle is wet from acetone (oops!) hehe Pictured holding Zoya-Breezi

Pictured holding Zoya-Cynthia

Pictured holding Zoya-Shawn

Pictured holding Finger Paints-Catwalk Queen

& here are some really neat Gorgeous closeups! <3

I hope you guys liked this and try it out! <3 you all! -Sarah


  1. That's amazing! I really like your choice of colours.

  2. I love this, the colours you used are perfect ;]

  3. That is so cool! I have never seen this before.

  4. omg this is great! i love it!!! amazing color combinations.

  5. Sarah that is THE BEST watercolour i have seen. I was just umming and aaahing about what to do tonight, and now i know! xx

  6. Ooh I love it! It's kind of mossy. Very beautiful. :)

  7. This is the best execution of watercolor nails I've seen yet!

  8. this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors you chose!!

  9. i've never seen this technique before. it's absolutely amazing! i love the colors. i want to try this one day! =]

  10. oh wow! you got a really cool look! thanks for posting this on my blog because i am so far behind in my google reader i wouldn't see this until next month hahaha

  11. Oooh, this is super awesome, I LOVE the color combination you used! I like this SO much better than mine.

  12. this is really beautiful! I HAVE to try :D

  13. This is absolutely stunning!!! I MUST try this technique!!! I love the colors you chose here!!

  14. This is amazing! I'm definitely going to have to try this one! Thanks for sharing. =)

  15. This is beautiful! I love the color you used :)

  16. This is awesome. I've had the technique down in my "nail notebook" for a while, though I haven't gotten around to it yet (primarily because I don't have any straight acetone at the moment, and Walmart was out of it when I was there earlier this week.) This, however, is the first execution of it I've seen that doesn't come out looking pastel! GREAT JOB! I especially like it because that's a color palette I'd happily use on my own nails, and it makes me look forward to trying this even more. After Valentine's, I think, since I'm planning on doing something pink for that week. (I rarely wear pink; I think I can handle it one week out of the year. :P )

  17. First time I hear about this, thanks for sharing!!

    And those colours are gorgeous!


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