Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jindie Nails Santa Claws Collection Part 2 Swatches & Review!

Hey all! Who loved the first part of my Jindie Nails Santa Claws Collection post?
These polishes are all so pretty!! Between the two posts I have 7 of the 9 in the collection to show you!
If you missed part one here it is!

I took pictures with the Candy Cane bottle, because I hate holding the mini's XD
Plus her new labels are really pretty! But sorry if that causes any confusion!
Jindie Nails
(From L-R) Candy CaneBlue Blue XmasJust Elfing Around
Kiss Me Under the MistletoeNoel, and Silent Night.
Jindie Nails Holly (3) Jindie Nails Holly (1)
Green & white matte hex with larger matte red hex and dark green shimmer.

I layered two coats of Holly over Essence-Irreplaceable. Which I think is a great combo!
This applied really evenly and easy! Could use a tad more red hex, but it's gorgeous!
Jindie Nails Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (1) Jindie Nails Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (2) Jindie Nails Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (4) Jindie Nails Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (3)
Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe
True red jelly with green matte hex and green sparkle hex.

I used three thin coats of Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe I love this polish!
Crazy easy application, the glitter dispersal is spot on!
Two of the photos are a bit dim, and the other two pretty bright. : / So I just posted all four lol
But I would probably say that the first two are more color accurate, but it is more in between both.
Jindie Nails Noel (6) Jindie Nails Noel (1)
Red, white, neon green, ultra-fine matte hex glitters, with metallic green sparkle.

I decided to layer one coat of Noel over Butter London-All Hail the Queen.
I like this combo, but I think It would look better over a dark green..I must try that :)
I loveee matte glitter so this is a favorite! It is very dense, but applies insanely evenly.
Only needs one coat of TC to be smooth.
Jindie Nails Silent Night (4) Jindie Nails Silent Night (2)
Silent Night
A deep blackened navy jelly polish with purplish-pink shimmer, holo moons, stars, & hex.

This polish is great! It is thick, but somehow it was still pretty easy to apply.
Application wasn't the easiest ever, but far from difficult. I just love the glitters and shimmer in this.
I wore it for days with zero tip wear or chips!

The Santa Claws Collection will be available for purchase on Nov 1st on Jen's Etsy Shop!
Her awesome polishes are 3-Free and She ships Internationally!

Don't forget to follow Jen on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!
(She often posts sneak peeks of new polishes on IG!)
You can purchase Full Size for $7.75 and Mini's for $4.75.
(With the exception of Linear holo's there is a slight price increase on those.)

Who else can't wait for the holidays?!?
I want some Eggnog /nom

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Silent night and noel are so pretty!

  2. Beautiful! Glad to see the stars and moons and not just the typical holiday colors and combinations!

  3. I just love Jen's polishes, I have a few and they are just beautiful! Can't wait to order some of these!!!


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