About Me

My name is Sarah and this is my blog! 
I'm a 25 year old stay at home mom to an amazing five year old little girl.
I'm originally from Georgia, but currently living in Kansas currently.

I started blogging in April 2011.
I discovered my passion for nail polish from my love of makeup by following makeup blogs.
I've been an avid blog reader since 2008 and that started my passion for makeup, then in
January 2011 I discovered Zoya nail polish on a beauty blog about a recent promotion. Zoya hooked me into my addiction! Then I soon branched out to many other brands and I fell in love all over again with indie polish.
Samarium's Swatches is a nail polish & nail art blog featuring polish swatches, reviews and various nail art techniques!
I started Samarium's Swatches in April 2011 as a hobby to keep me busy while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan.  
Other than blogging I enjoy to watching TV, playing games on my PC, baking & cooking, listening to music and  make up!