Friday, October 10, 2014

Mac Lipstick Swatches: Cyber, Lady Danger, Media, Rebel and the Rihanna 2!

Hey guys! I just thought maybe you guys would like to see these, maybe not though!
I went to Mac Cosmetics last weekend (for the first time in years!) and I picked up a few new lipsticks, I took pictures to share on /r/MakeupAddiction (sub-Reddit for makeup lovers, also check out /r/RedditLaqueristas)

But anyway I thought since I took the pictures I'd post here too.
I love makeup just as much as nail polishes and I have always wondered about posting more here since I really enjoy both, so I may make more of an effort to do so! I play with both so much :)

I picked up the following Mac lipsticks - Cyber, Lady Danger, Media, Rebel and the Rihanna 2 Viva Glam!

Mac Lipsticks

Scroll down below to see the close ups!

Contrary Polish Last Leaves - November 2014 A Box, Indied.

Hi all! I hope you all are doing wonderfully and enjoying the cooler weather.

Today I have a Contrary Polish from the A Box, Indied exclusive that is perfect for Fall to show you.
The theme for this box is 
A Cornucopia of Color. 
Scroll down below to see swatches and to read about it's availability!

Contrary Polish Last Leaves Macro Contrary Polish Last Leaves (2) Contrary Polish Last Leaves (1)

Last Leaves is a milk chocolate shade with red, orange, yellow, and green microflakes. 
I used three thin coats for full opacity, but two coats is definitely wearable with practically no VNL.
This polish is really beautiful and perfect for this time of year, in my macro you can see that the gorgeous shimmer is really like itty bitty microflakies, and through the layers this polish has gorgeous depth.

You can purchase the October A Box, Indied via Llarowe on September 26. (Unsure of what time though)

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Friday, October 3, 2014

I Love Nail Polish Nostalgia (H)

Hey guys! Here's a quick post for you tonight!
I haven't been painting my nails very much lately but I really wanted to paint them with a pretty Fall color that wasn't vampy and I couldn't think of a better one than Nostalgia! It's opaque in two easy coats and goes on perfectly.

I feel so rusty with photos and posing my hand. I really need to get back to it.

I Love Nail Polish Nostalgia (3) I Love Nail Polish Nostalgia (1) I Love Nail Polish Nostalgia (2)

I will post again soon guys! I hope you are all doing fantastically!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo - October 2014 A Box, Indied.

Hey all, I hope you guys are having a really good weekend. I can hardly believe that it is September!
Today's post is featuring the October exclusive Pahlish A Box, Indied polish!

The Ghost of Banquo is a super rich, deep shimmer & flakie filled dark red.
It is absolutely stunning and perfect for the Fall and Winter! It's opaque in two coats.

Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (1) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (2) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (4) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo Macro (2) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo Macro (1)

The October A Box, Indied will be available for purchase September 26th via Llarowe.
(Not sure what time, but keep checking the Llarowe Facebook to find out!)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pahlish My Bespoke Psychopath

Hi guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day!
Today is a quick post of my NOTD, I'm wearing this beauty from Pahlish! It only needed two easy breezy coats!

And I've rounded my nails off again, what do you guys think?
I broke a corner and made a rash decision and did it but I'm actually really liking them!

Pahlish My Bespoke Pysychopath (1) Pahlish My Bespoke Pysychopath (2)

Also here are a couple pictures of my hair, I dyed it recently!
10624443_68161sss928601515_1443726111_n 10632331_8596066ssss27396930_391198210_n

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pahlish Sarey's Berry

Purchased By Me

Hey guys! Today's post is a quick one featuring the stunning Pahlish Bespoke Batch - Sarey's Berry.
I feel a little mean showing this beauty since it's not attainable but I just had to share it!

If you didn't know Pahlish has been releasing Bespoke Batch polishes that are limited to purchase one time only.

Pahlish Sarey's Berry Macro(2)
Look at those microflakies~ <3
This is seriously probably the most beautiful purple polish that I own!
Pahlish Sarey's Berry (4) Pahlish Sarey's Berry (6)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Girly Bits - Darkly Dreaming

Hi all! Today's post is the stunning collab polish that Jen from The Polishaholic made with Girly Bits!
When I saw that Pam was going to do a pre-order I knew that I had to have it!

Darkly Dreaming is a gorgeous dark forest green jelly with copper shimmer throughout.
I wore this a while ago so I'm not sure how many coats I used, but I'm inclined to say three coats.
It captured a little dark, but It is also lighter when you use less coats.

Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming (1) Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming (5) Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming (2) Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming (4) Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming (3)

I'm so happy that I purchased this one! It is stunning <3

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Contrary Polish The Mellower Season - September 2014 A Box, Indied.

Hi guys! Today's post is featuring the Contrary Polish September A Box, Indied shade!

The September box theme is Fall into Autumn, and you can purchase it exclusively via Llarowe.

Contrary Polish The Mellower Season Macro

Contrary Polish The Mellower Season
The Mellower Season is dark bluish purple with orange shimmer/microglitter. 

I used three thin coats of The Mellower Season for full opacity, the formula was a little bit thick but Carrie has since resolved that issue for the September box so it should be prefect for you guys!

In person it is a little bit dustier/muted than in my pictures, and the shimmer is a little more hidden in normal light.
 I had a rough time capturing it, but did my best though! It is a wonderful Fall shade and will look great on all skin tones.
I just can't wait for all the fall collection to start coming out!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Polka Dot Fishnet Nail Art - Inspired by ModCloth!

Hi guys! It's been a long time.. I know! Sorry about that. (I've missed you!)

I was recently contacted by ModCloth about doing a nail art look inspired by their dresses and it gave me the push of motivation and inspiration to post! I completely adore their products so I was really excited to have been contacted!

Then while browsing I came across the With Only a Wink Dresses and it reminded me of my Fishnet French Mani.
Then I saw the polka dot version and I knew I had to try it! I've been itching to do another version for quite a while anyway.

I started off this mani with Rica Whiteout, and using a nail art brush I freehanded on the french tips and half moons.
I used Whiteout to stamp the fishnet pattern with MoYou's  XL Pro Collection Plate 01.
And the Polka Dots were done with a dotting tool, Rica Black out, and Zoya Sooki.

ModCloth Nail Klub

Modcloth Nail Art With Only a Wink Dress in Dots
I hope you guys liked this manicure! Is anybody else obsessed with ModCloth?
I love practically everything they have, if only I had more money! And I really love and appreciate that they offer Plus Size clothing. It can be damn hard to find cute fashionable clothes that fit me sometimes!
I hope that you are all well and having a wonderful summer! <3

Friday, June 13, 2014

KBShimmer Spring Pop Art/Comic Nail Art!

Press Sample

Hi guys! Yesterday I posted the creme polishes from the KBShimmer 2014 Spring Collection!
For today's post I used them for a nail art look inspired by Katie Satow's tutorial (see here!)

They came out alright, but I didn't leave quite enough room on my middle and pinky finger.
Oh well.. you live and you learn! I used the following shades for this manicure!

KBShimmer A Touch of Glass, Eclipse, Life Rose On, and Pansy-Monium.
I can't recall the white I used, but it was probably Milani White on the Spot!

KBShimmer  Pop Art (1) KBShimmer  Comic Nail art KBShimmer  Pop Art (2)

I'd like to try this manicure again leaving more space for the zig zags and  with neater lines, I'm a bit rusty though!

I love these colors together so much! What do you guys think? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

KBShimmer 2014 Spring Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today's post is half of the Spring Collection from KBShimmer!
Today I'm posting the creme shades, and I will try to get the others up very soon.

I know I'm super behind on these since you know, it's summer now...I know I've been such a fail blogger this year.
I do really appreciate those of you who hang in there with me though, you guys are the best. <3

Scroll down to see these absolutely gorgeous creamy shades from KBShimmer!

KBShimmer A Touch Of Glass
A Touch Of Glass - Three coats.

A Touch Of Glass is a light aqua mint with hidden shimmer.
Went on a bit sheer and streaky but builds up well.

KBShimmer Chick Me Out
Chick Me Out - Three coats.

Chick Me Out is a bright yellow creme.
The formula was kind of slightly streaky but built up nicely. Well worth it!

KBShimmer Eclipse
Eclipse - Two coats.

Eclipse is a super shiny black creme.
The formula was really great, went on smooth and easy.

KBShimmer Honewdew List
Honeydew List - Three coats.

Honeydew List is a dusty pastel green creme.
Same as A Touch of Glass here, a bit sheer and streaky but buildable.

KBShimmer Life Rose On
Life Rose On - Two coats.

Life Rose On is a vivid cerise pink creme with blue undertones.
The formula was phenomenal, one of the very best int his collection.

KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise
My Life's Porpoise - Three coats.

My Life's Porpoise is a neutral light grey creme polish.
Goes on really nice and smooth, could definitely be a two coater.

KBShimmer Pansy-Monium
Pansy-Monium - Two coats.

Pansy-Monium is a medium purple creme with red undertones.
This shade went on easily - very smooth and it is super stunning!

KBShimmer Sky Jinks
Sky Jinks - Two coats.

Sky Jinks is a medium but bright blue creme polish.
This one was another with a phenomenal formula, goes on easy breezy!

KBShimmer Spring Gradient
This gradient was done with a sponge and Life Rose On, Pansy-Monium, and Sky Jinks.


A few of these were a bit sheer but they all applied nicely. I can't even express how much I love these!
You will see the others soon, but this is such a good overall collection! This is one of my favorites from Christy.

I have some fun nail art I did with a few of these also! Keep an eye out for that tomorrow!
My absolute favorites are A Touch of Glass, Chick Me Out, and My Life's Purpoise!
But I love each and every single one of them and see myself using them frequently!

You can purchase this collection, and others from
The cremes sell for $7.50 each.

Also check out KBShimmer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

KBShimmer Spring 2013 Part 1 (1)

Have you purchased any polishes from this collection?
If not are you planning to, or lemming any? Let me know!