Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black and White Stamping Mani

Happy Sunday!
This mani didn't come out perfect, haha but it's okay!
I used Milani-White on the Spot for the base & Wet n Wild-Black Creme to stamp!
As for the stamping, here are the plate images I used!
(R-L) From DRK-A Plate, Cheeky CH15, BundleMonster B10

:) Have a good day guys!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Glitter Gal-Turbulence (Holo Silver! Eeek!)

Hey guys!! I know posts have been a *tad* sparse! Just been sick and doing PT 2x a week and LOTS of napping and sleeping! That's actually why I am here posting at almost 5am! I keep napping late like 5pm-7pm and can't sleep, even with Ambien! Just trying to kick this awful cold! My Husband and Daughter are better but nope of course not me!! Working out while sick is NO fun, I feel so drained!! But I have been feeling slightly better so I think it is coming to it's end shortly! But in short I have been so unmotivated! I have had the same mani on for 5 FIVE days, that hasn't happened in..well honestly probably nearly a year LOL and before that they were just naked for days! But one of my amazing friends Sarah from

sent me two amazing full size Glitter Gal's! This one Turbulence and Bondi Blue! And in the new epic packaging!! I really need to find something incredibly awesome to send her for the kind presents!!<3

Anyway to the photo's! I couldn't cut it anymore, they were all just so beautiful! I love this way more even than my Gosh Holo! It's so sparkly even in low-lighting ugh so pretty you all need this, so worth the pricetag!!

Okay off to try to sleep! <3 You guys!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Polish Spam! Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Hey guys! Happy St. Patty's day!
I haven't been in the mood for doing nail art, so I figured I would just spam post some awesome greens!
A England-Dragon
China Glaze-Agro
China Glaze-Westside Warrior
 China Glaze-Glittering Garland

 Chinaglaze-It's Alive over Zoya-Shawn
 Essence-High Spirits

 Glitter Gal-Lizard Belly
 ManGlaze-Nawsome Sauce

Lynnderella-She Lived in a Swamp over Orly-Fresh
 Zoya-Ivanka + Zoya-Rina

There you go! Some of my favorite greens!! Especially Zoya-Shawn I think it is my all time favorite green!

<3 Sarah

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check out my Ugly Mani Guest Post!

My friend from Does this thing called Ugly Mani Monday,
And this week's is mine! (But we both kind of forgot about it, so yes it is a day late :P)
While the colors I used are both gorgeous, the mani just did NOT turn out as I envisioned, definitely a miss here! I used Nubar- Toasted Marshmallow, and A England- Princess Sabra.

Please go to her blog to see the post HERE! Because she is awesome! :)

And if any of you have any ugly mani's email them to her at with the polish you used and what you intended your manicure to look like!

Monday, March 12, 2012

3/11 EOTD, Some Sugar Pill Swatches, and some sillyness too!

Hey guys, I have been feeling depressed lately and been slacking on the blog front, my nails are naked D:
But here was my makeup from yesterday! The first eye pics are horrible quality (cellphone) But was right after I did them, the rest are from 8-9 hours later including a nap, so it does look less than perfect lol.
I got some Sugar Pill and love it though!

Here are quick swatches of the colors I used in this look!

The White is the only non Sugar Pill color!
(L-R):Fyrinnae-Marshmellow Puffs, SP Darling, Absinthe, Tipsy, & Junebug.

The bottom inner corner and well all of it looked better right after, I cleaned up the inner corner with a wet wipe prior to the better quality pics. But I usually don't even have time to put on makeup before my daughter wakes up and I didn't have time for photos then : / Sorry!
Liner-Kat Von D Tattoo, & C over Girl Lashblast Mascara

Okay and here is some real fun haha, to me atleast! The other night I just couldn't go to bed, I was waiting on my ambien to kick in (which I Obviously haven't taken yet or I'd be in bed!!)
But anyway I decided to play with makeup I effed up my line from blinking and just went fuck it and started fooling around. Somehow I ended up with butterfly eyes LOL Yeah ambien makes me do weird things..
I wouldn't ever wear this out (maybe halloween but yeah!) I thought it was fun and wanted to share :)

 Oops before I had mascara and lashes on! Btw this was my first time EVER putting on and wearing false lashes, I didn't have tweezers to use and they were coming off a bit and a little too long but you live and you learn right? I'd had them for months and was like what the hell!
LOL I felt like a fairy or something I put blush on my forehead trying to get it to match my other eye I guess?
And then glitter! No upcloses of the pink eye, because I didn't like the turn out! T
hese were all SP colors too, Mostly Birthday girl & Magnetric on the pink eye, Royal sugar on the blue! Tiara  in the inner corners.

 Yeah I know I'm weird, and because it wouldn't feel complete without one, here is a picture of me crossing one eye! So fun! I'm silly and don't take myself too seriously, encase you didn't know :)
LOL Okay I am off to sleep, I hope you guys enjoy some of this post! At least get a laugh out of it haha!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girly Bits Calendar Girls Collection Part 1 Swatches & Review!

Good Evening all! Today is the third post of my swatches of
Pam's Girly Bits Polishes and I hope you enjoy it!

Two coats of January Morning over Essence-White Secret
A sheer sparkly white, with flashes of pink and blue.
Most of you probably know about the sweet story behind the naming and creation of this polish, but if you don't you can read it HERE on Pam's blog. The printed story/memorial comes with the purchase of this polish.

I love this polish so much, Essence-White Secret is such a thin Jelly and required 4 coats but when I layered Jan. Morning over a white creme the white seemed a bit too harsh for it (for my taste) I think this way it turned out prettier and softer, more like the snow it is meant to represent! It is also btw gorgeous over dark polishes too!

Promise me is so pretty <3 I need to buy a full size of it asap!
Holographic and opalescent hex glitter, and pin point holo glitter, floating in a sparkling pink.
This one is inspired by Pam's oldest daughter, a singer.
She is releasing her first album of originals soon, and one of the songs is called Promise Me. 
Purchase of this polish comes with a copy of this song.

 Three coats of Hippity Hop over Essie-Pretty Edgy

Multi coloured pastel and holo glitter, and tiny purple glitter, 
 in a translucent sparkling purple base.

I love this polish and it looks good over everything! I went for a green though to show the contrast, but the subtle purple shimmer running through it is to die for!

Magically Delicious over Ludurana Aurora Boreal Superior
OMG What a delicious combination this is?! Perfection.
Tiny green holographic glitter, in a clear base, along with gold squares, and gold hex glitter.

It's hard..I just can't choose this one and January Morning are serious competitors for my
"favorite slot" in this post..
they are just both so fantastic, well all four in this post are.
I really love them all and they each feel special and unique in my large polish collection.

You can Purchase Pam's Girly Bit's from 
Pam's personal blog here
from Leah Ann at

There are two different sizes to choose from and the price varies from $6-$13
Depending on the size and where you order it.

These polishes were sent to me for the purpose of swatching & a 100% honest unbiased review.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girly Bits Into the Night, Rogue & Cosmic Ocean! Swatches & Review!

Here are some more Girly Bits for you all!! I hope you love them as much as I do!
Into the Night is a black jelly, jam packed with multiple colours of glitter, holo glitter and pink shimmer. Only took 2 coats!

This is a effing great polish called RogueIt is a red jelly, with pink, violet and red glitter.
It took quite a few coats..I think this is 4. 
Beautiful polish I'll probably layer it over a red jelly  next time though!
This makes me miss my Rogue on Wow :) I haven't played in months!!

Two coats of Cosmic Ocean over Zoya-Bevin.
Awesome shimmer that shifts from blue to green! 
It shifts a lot more over a darker color, but I really liked this combo!

I hope you all are having a good day!
I'm not feeling my best :( Feeling sick, and tired! I woke up early and started Physical Therapy for my knee's today and then came home and cleaned up a bunch. I can't wait for bed!
Anyway here is the purchasing info! :) <3 you all!!

You can Purchase Pam's Girly Bit's from 
Pam's personal blog here
from Leah Ann at

There are two different sizes to choose from and the price varies from $6-$13
Depending on the size and where you order it.

These polishes were sent to me for the purpose of swatching & a 100% honest unbiased review.