Nail Care

Keep in mind again, I am no professional. These are things that work for me, things I have tried and I am pleased with. I haven't tried everything under the sun so I don't know which is "best" and things vary from person to person. I like to try new things so continue to check back encase I add something I love to the list!

This is coming from a girl with VERY dry skin, so my main key is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
Not only with my hands I have to really keep up with this on my face year round.

On a daily basis I work at keeping my hands moisturized, using the below products. Not all of them daily sometimes it depends on which is closest! I will go into more detail per item.

Moisturizers & Oils 
CND-Solar oil Amazing! Smells so yummy! I use this every night and after I polish my nails (when I remember!) I rub it into my cuticles for 20 seconds each nails.

Lush Lemony Flutter- love love love.

Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
This stuff really, really helps! I wish it came with a difference scent (I dislike fake lemon scents!) but hey, it gets the job done!

Pure Nail Oil from is amazing.

KBShimmer Cuticle Oil Pens are also great!

Virgin Coconut Oil
What isn't this good for? I bought this for my skin (face) and hair before I even blogged, but thought this must be great for cuticles too! It helps my hands and cuticles a lot. Very smooth feeling. It is solid but if you just rub your fingertips in the tub for a few seconds it begins to melt. It is amazing for tons of things and you can also cook with it. A tub of it will last a really long time too!

When I use any cuticle oil I apply it then rub it into each cuticle for 15-20 seconds each.
Then I apply lotion to my hands after a while and do the same.

I use many lotions but I'm not very picky about them. I love Eucerin and Nivea a lot. I enjoy L'occitane's a lot but it's costly.

Nail Care Tools

Cuticle Pusher
Cuticle Trimmer

I use a 240/280 grit file for taking off length. 320 for shaping, and a 400/600 for sealing the tips.
Though I still use normal nail files occasionally I sometimes use my Mont Bleu Crystal nail file now! (See the review here.)

Cuticle Remover

Essie Disappearing Trick Cuticle Remover
This for me, is the BEST cuticle remover I have tried so far. Works great & I highly recommend it.
I apply it, leave it for 15-20 seconds push my cuticles back on all my fingers then use a cuticle trimmer to trim away the excess on each of them.
I also use the Blue Cross one from Sally's-Great and affordable!

I do this on a weekly Basis. I can look into making a video of how I do it if anybody has further questions!
I switch between Essie Disappearing Trick and Blue Cross Cuticle remover.
I also enjoy the Barielle cuticle remover very much too! I cycle through those three currently.

Nail Treatments

I've tried many nail strengtheners but for the most part most did nothing for me.
My current favorite is Nailtek II, it has made the biggest difference out of all the ones I've tried!

Others I tried with little or no improvement are:

Opi Nail Envy
Nailtiques Formula 2
Duri Rejuvacote
Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator

Top Coat
My holy grail topcoat is Seche Vite Dry Fast TC

Other current favorite topcoats are Cult Nails Wicked Fast and KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I will try to continue to update and work on this, but please if you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask me!