Friday, October 10, 2014

Mac Lipstick Swatches: Cyber, Lady Danger, Media, Rebel and the Rihanna 2!

Hey guys! I just thought maybe you guys would like to see these, maybe not though!
I went to Mac Cosmetics last weekend (for the first time in years!) and I picked up a few new lipsticks, I took pictures to share on /r/MakeupAddiction (sub-Reddit for makeup lovers, also check out /r/RedditLaqueristas)

But anyway I thought since I took the pictures I'd post here too.
I love makeup just as much as nail polishes and I have always wondered about posting more here since I really enjoy both, so I may make more of an effort to do so! I play with both so much :)

I picked up the following Mac lipsticks - Cyber, Lady Danger, Media, Rebel and the Rihanna 2 Viva Glam!

Mac Lipsticks

Scroll down below to see the close ups!

My bare lips
My Bare Lips

Mac Cyber
Mac Cyber Lipstick
Intense blackish purple - Satin Finish.

Mac Lady Danger
Mac Lady Danger Lipstick
Vivid bright coral red - Matte.

Mac Media
Mac Media Lipstick
Intense reddish purple- Satin Finish.

Mac Rebel
Mac Rebel Lipstick
Midtonal cream plum - Satin Finish.

Mac Rihanna 2
Mac Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Lipstick
Warm mauvey silver frost - Frost Finish.

These aren't the neatest swatches, but you get the idea. I was thinking I should slowly swatch though my lipstick collection, i have quite a few! Would any of you be interested in seeing?
I have a lot of lip products from various brands (and price ranges)!

Mac Lipstick Haul (1)


  1. Nice lip swatches! There all very lovely for fall.

  2. I love Danger Lady, it's my favorite shade, nice swatches dear <3

  3. Kind of a random question, but is it difficult to apply lip products with your lip ring? It's something I've always wondered when debating a lip ring for myself.

  4. Lady Danger looks absolutely amazing on you!

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