Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Nail Art! Yeah, BITCH!

Hey guys! Any other Breaking Bad fans excited and sad today? I know I am!
Such a weird mixture of emotions lol!

So last night I was procrastinating, I didn't feel like painting my nails or swatching but then I was like..
Why not do Breaking Bad nail art for the finale?! It's been on my nail art to do list anyway!

Man I haven't done nail art in a while, It's crazy how fast I get that "rusty" feeling.
So these are far from perfect but hell it was a last minute decision at like 2 am and I did my best :) Enjoy!!

Breaking Bad Nailart (1) Breaking Bad Nailart (2)

Thumb: The Los Pollos Hermanos Logo, except just the chicken heads
(There is no way I could have for their entire bodies! Heck their heads aren't even recognizable lol!)
Polishes I used:  Zoya Pippa, Jancyn, and Thandie along with Sparitual Clay. I used those for the gradient! I also used Milani White on the Spot. The rest was acrylic paints.

Pointer & Middle: The Breaking Bad show Logo!
Polishes I used: Essie Mojito Madness topped with Elevation Polish Wuyi Mountain as the base color.
Chin Glaze Holly-Day and Milani White on the spot for the logo.

Ring: Heisenberg! (I saw this tutorial here!)
Zoya Phoebe topped with Mosheen as the base. I used black acrylic paint to draw Heisenberg.
I kept screwing up on him so I actually painted him onto a pain stamper and made a decal :)

Pinky: The Golden Moth Chemical Logo that is on their Methylamine Barrels.

I used a combination of Black and yellow acrylic paint with A England Camelot and Zoya Pippa!


Who else can't wait for the finale? I can't wait but at the same time I don' want it to end :(
I rewatched the whole show in the past few weeks and I'm even more sad now lol!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a A1 day!

Please refrain from leaving spoilers below for those who haven't seen the show!

*Some products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

Friday, September 27, 2013

A Few Random Swatches!

Hi guys! Today's post is just a couple random swatches I have sitting on my computer that I don't
think I  have posted yet..because I've been a bit busy and lazy about editing pictures!

Good news about my tooth! I didn't need a root canal! But I do have to get my wisdom teeth removed.
They have excess gum around them (Operculum) and apparently it is infected (Pericoronitis) by my lower left one and this is going to keep happening until they are removed. So I have to clean it super good with a syringe thing twice a day and take antibiotics and use this prescription mouthwash until we have some spare cash for the surgery! It blows because I kind of like have them lol My husband says in inside of my mouth looks unnatural because I have SO many teeth haha
(I still have all four of mine and they are mostly grown in.) It still hurts but it's very mild next to how bad it was.

Also some more good news, it looks like the sellers are willing to pay for the roof to be replaced!
We will find out everything they are willing to cover on Sunday (Our Realtor is out of town atm!) SO YAY!

And Skylar's party Yesterday was a blast!
This is her and her new 3DS!  :)

Okay, okay..onto nail polishes!
Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo
Elevation Polish - Pic de Sotllo

Illamasqua Smash
Illamasqua - Smash

Contrary Polish Gift Wrap (2) Contrary Polish Gift Wrap (1)
Contrary Polish - Gift Wrap

Unfortunately I didn't write down how many coats I used with each of these but my guess would be
two coats for Smash and three thin coats for Pic de Sotllo and Gift Wrap!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! <3

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zoya Satins Fall 2013 Collection - Swatches & Review!

Good morning guys! How are you today?
I'm good, my tooth still hurts pretty bad but I'm going to the dentist at 4! 
Pretty nervous about it though, I'm thinking I need a root canal -_-

But yesterday was Skylar's 4th birthday! Yay! Though TBH we didn't do much, but her party is tomorrow! 
It should be tons of fun!

We also went to the 
Realtor yesterday to send in our negotiations to the sellers, lets hope they are awesome and nice and fix what we asked! I really hope they do because our lease is up soon and I don't think we even have time to find another house anymore >.< Not another we like as much anyway!

Well enough rambling! Today's post is the Zoya Satin Fall Collection!
Yes I'm behind I know! *hides*

Zoya Satins (2)
*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*
Zoya Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa - One coat over Zoya Louise (From the Zoya Cashmere Collection.)

"a gold cellophane accent topper (Originally designed for Rafael Cennamo/AW13). Layer to desired effect."

Zoya Channing
Channing - Two coats.

"a rusty or coppery red metallic. Gorgeous and sultry color!"

Zoya Channing with Maria Luisa (2)
One coat of Maria Luisa over Channing.
Zoya Mason
MasonTwo coats.

"an exciting red violet or "Fandango Pink" metallic."

Zoya Mason with Maria Luisa
One coat of Maria Luisa over Mason.
Zoya Claudine
Claudine Two coats.

"a striking dark meteorite gray metallic. So chic!"

Zoya Claudine with Maria Luisa
One coat of Maria Luisa over Claudine.
Zoya Neve
Neve - Two coats.

" a sapphire blue metallic (Originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13)"

Zoya Neve with Maria Luisa (2)
One coat of Maria Luisa over Neve.
Zoya Giovanna
Giovanna - Three coats.

"a stunning emerald green metallic. The "IT COLOR" right now (Originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13)."

Zoya Giovanna with Maria Luisa
One coat of Maria Luisa over Giovanna.


This collection is very pretty and full of saturated, magnificent jewel tones!
A few are a tiny bit brushstrokey (Channing, Claudine, Giovanna) but not enough to bother me at all.
All of these polishes applied nicely and most only needed two coats.
I can't recall a issue with any of them! Mason looks a bit off but I applied topcoat a tad too soon and it sort of smudged. Had nothing to do with the polish though! User error!

To reduce the risk of brushstrokes apply thin, slow coats!

My favorites are Mason, Neve and Maria Luisa! But I really love them all!
Channing is so fiery and gorgeous! I don't own anything like it!

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You can purchase this collection and other Zoya nail polishes from

This collection retails for $48 as a whole or you can purchase them individually for $8 each!

Zoya Satins (1)

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fnug Psychedelic

Hey guys! I 've been meaning to post but haven't been online as much or feeling 100% lately.
I've had pretty severe tooth pain the past 5 or 6 days and it's making me go a bit crazy!
But don't worry I have a dentist appointment on Wed!
That with the added stress from the house inspection, it didn't go as well as I hoped. : /
We have to go tomorrow and try to negotiate for the sellers to replace the roof and mitigate the Radon.
Not sure which way it's going to go but I will keep you updated!

Also tomorrow is my daughters fourth birthday! :D I can't believe how big she is getting!
Her party is on Thursday and I can't wait to see how surprised she is at the bouncy house we rented :D
So much fun to be had!

Well today's quickie post is Fnug Psychedelic! I wore it a few weeks ago and I think I used three thin coats.
Two has the coverage but it was a bit streaky (I don't have a aqua base)
There were all taken indoors with daylight bulbs!

Fnug Psychedelic (5) Fnug Psychedelic (4) Fnug Psychedelic (3) Fnug Psychedelic (2) Fnug Psychedelic (1) Fnug Psychedelic (6)

I hope you all had a terrific weekend and this week is great as well!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Konad Stamping Plate m94 - Review!

Hi guys! Here is post #2 today! Check out #1 HERE :)

This post is featuring the same polishes in the earlier post, but stamped on with a Konad Stamping plate! Check it out!

Konad m94 Stamping Plate (2)
*Some products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*Konad m94 Stamping Plate (4)
Konad m94 Stamping Plate (6)
Stamped over Enchanted Polish August 2013 with Konad Special Nail Polish in White.

Konad m94 Stamping Plate (8) Konad m94 Stamping Plate (1)
Stamped over Enchanted Polish Autumn with Konad Special Nail Polish in Black.

Konad m94 Stamping Plate (7)
Here is a picture before topcoat, it doesn't look as great on camera but I swear it looked awesome in person!
The black dries matte and Autumn was shiny and holo under it it really "popped" in person!


I love stamped nails! I should stamp my nails more! Why don't I?!

Nail Stamping is super fun and a relatively easy way to do fun nail art!

Once you get it down pat it only takes a few extra minutes and adds so much!

I have tried many stamping plates (Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Fab Ur Nails & more!)
Konad are some of the best and easiest to use. They are also more expensive than other brands though.
I only have a handful of Konad plates but the ones I do have stamp perfectly.
I think they are easier to use than some other cheaper competitors. They are perfect for beginners!

Here are a few tips for newbies!

Can't get the design to pick up from the plate?

Lightly Buff your stamper with a nail file or buffing block!
Don't use a grit too low or too high. (I prefer 220-300, 180 is too rough and 400 is too gentle.)

Having trouble getting the design to stamp onto you nail completely?

Sometimes I like to add a coat of a Strong Adhesion base coat on top (yes on top!) of my base polish before stamping! I find that it helps stick the design on. I use China Glaze's Strong Adhesion base coat.

Is the clean up a hassle?

Tape around your fingers before stamping!
Especially if you are using Konad Special Nail Polish in Black, the clean up is a gazillion times easier!
When the black gets wet from the brush during cleanup it seeps into every nook and cranny around your nail and cuticle and is practically impossible to remove.

If you are a newbie I highly recommend using Konad special polishes, I use them even though I've been stamping for a while. Sure I use other brands sometimes but the Konad ones work the best for me absolutely hands down.
The black one is a pain to clean up, but it just goes on so damn crisp!

And for the love of all that is holy don't use the metal scraper than comes with stamping plates!
Use a plastic card from a store card (CVS, Kroger, etc) or a old credit card, they make it exponentially easier!

You can purchase this Konad stamping plate, along with others for $8.75 from Nail Polish Canada
They also sell Konad special stamping polishes!

Follow Nail Polish Canada on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new products and deals!

Enchanted Autumn Collage

Have you ever used tried stamping your nails?
If so, What is your favorite brand of stamping plates?

*Some products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

Enchanted Polish - August 2013 & Autumn!

Hey guys here is a quick post, Actually Post #1 of 2 that will be on the blog today!
So make sure to come back and check out #2 This afternoon/evening! ;)

Also today is the house inspection! *Squeeeee*
If nothing is wrong with the house we will be closing on October 30th! I'm so excited!

Now onto the actual post :P

Today's first post has two of the three Enchanted Polishes that I recently snatched up in a restock!
(The third I purchased is Yesterday, but I haven't worn it yet!) Enjoy!

Enchanted Polish August 2013 (1) Enchanted Polish August 2013 (2) Enchanted Polish August 2013 (3)
August 2013 - Two coats.

So pretty! <3

Enchanted Polish Autumn (3) Enchanted Polish Autumn (1) Enchanted Polish Autumn (6) Enchanted Polish Autumn (4) Enchanted Polish Autumn (5) Enchanted Polish Autumn (2)
Autumn - Three thin coats.

Ugh, so stunning.
I really wasn't sure how I'd feel about this one but I really love it.
I couldn't narrow down the pictures LOL I just suck at narrowing pictures on holos and duos.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Waterfall Mani, Watercolor Spots & More!

Hey guys! here is a quickie for you :)
Here are three recent-ish nail art mani's I did that I wasn't really thrilled with so I didn't post them.
But I feel bad i haven't posted much and they were just sitting there, so here you go!

I'm sorry that I do not remember all the polishes I used in these, it has been weeks -_- My bad!
I named the ones I could!

I hope you are all having a terrific week!
Pretty good here! We found a house we like finally! We have been house hunting off and on for six months, but we found a house we love and put in a offer, got a counter off and accepted it.
The house gets inspection on Friday and if all goes well it looks like we have a new house! YAY!

Here was my first attempt on the Waterfall mani technique that Sammy from The Nailasaurus came up with!

Waterfall Mani

Polishes used That I can remember:
Zoya - Farah

Illamasqua - Rare
Illamasqua - Gamma
Illamasqua - Nomad
Nails Inc - Baker Street
Finger Paints - Pink Perspective

This one is uhh.. Watercolor Spots? Blobs? Who knows.
Watercolor Spots

Polishes used That I can remember:

 China Glaze - Sweet Hook...I think
China Glaze - Sunday Funday
China Glaze - Urban Night
The Pink.. I have no idea.
Zoya - Breezi?
Illamasqua - Poke

I'm just going to call this one Splotchy Blobs, yes..Colorful Splotchy Blobs...
Splotchy Colorful Blobs

Polishes used That I can remember:

Illamasqua - Rare
Illamasqua - Nurture
Illamasqua - Poke
Illamasqua - Gamma
Finger Paints - Pink Perspective
China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise

*Some products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*