Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fuck off and Dye Leopard....Mani!

LOL Just kidding I love leopards & all animals, but come on I just had to :P

Hi guys! This post is Manglaze's epicly names Fuck off and Dye with Leopard print stamped over it!
Sorry I didn't take a picture of it alone I'm just so tired and want to get to bed but I will wear it again soon!

First I started with Basecoat (Cnd Stickey I believe) + 2 coats of Fuck off and Dye.
Then I stamped over it with Zoya-Trixie, using Red Angel Plate RA-107, and stamped over them again with the same image using Kleancolor-Metallic Black.

I'll be honest not 100% thrilled with this mani, I don't know I just kind of suck at stamping and haven't in almost 2 months so this mani isn't perfect..but I plan to practice more. So get ready to see more stamping on my blog! :)

 & with topcoat!
 Hope you guys have an amazing day! I don't really want you to Fuck off & dye ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yesterday's EOTD

Hey guys! I haven't felt inspired to do my nails lately.. They have been naked for 2 days now.
So I decided to share my eye makeup from yesterday! I'm really happy with how it came out.

I know this is primarily a nail blog, but makeup is also another passion of mine, I am nowhere near being pro but I do think that practice is good and keeping a log of it can help!

I'm so not used to wearing colored shadow, I usually just do brown and gold or similar shades but I really want to ease myself into wearing more color so I can start wearing more colorful & dramatic looks outside the house!
I think this came out really good, definitely wearable small pop of color look.
 Here are some upclose shots of my eye :)

Products I used:
Base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Crease shadows: Urban Decay-Buck, Smog, & MIA
Lid Color: Mac-Jealousy Wakes
Lower Lashline: Urban Decay-Chase (I also swiped a little of this from my tear duct to about mid-lid.
Browbone & Tearduct: Urban Decay-Virgin
Upper Lash Line: Smashbox Infamous Cream Eyeliner Duo (the brown one)
Waterline: Stila Smudge Stick-Lionfish
Lashes: Clinique High Impact Mascara-01 Black

Revlon Lip Butter-Gumdrop

 Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
Foundation: Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 20-10 Classic Ivory
Blush: Mac-Azalea Blossom (lol even though you can't see it
And here is my whole face, the lamp near me washed me out and makes me appear more pale than I actually am. Although I am super pale still lol, but I can't believe it washed my blush out :( Oh well!

Oh and I want to say that the Mascara SUCKS, Mostly because within a hour or less it was already flakey and falling onto my under eye region. This is a sample I got from Sephora for free so I don't really mind, and maybe the samples dry out quicker I don't know but It isn't even a month old and flaking so I though I'd warn you!
It did decent in terms of length but it didn't curl my lashes at all.

Hope you guys enjoyed this even a little! I know you probably come here to see my nails but I figured maybe you'd rather see makeup instead of nothing at all :)  Plus it's my blog and I can share if I want to :P lol

Hope you all have a great day! I'm going to go watch the Chuck season finale/show finale :( And cry my eyes out lol

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A England-Tristam Swatches!!

Okay guys I'm going to try to make this a short post, well in terms of writing. I am sleepy and really should be in bed (though I'm scheduling this so you will see it in the morning)
And Frankly this post doesn't need much gibber-jabber anyway,
the polish is so gorgeous and absolutely speaks itself!

I was a little sad that I haven't ordered the new A England collection yet, so I decided I would rejoice in the beauty from one that I already own!

The new Legends Collection looks so amazing, it has me more excited than I have felt in a LONG time for a collection, and even more rarely I actually want every single one of them...
Not want I NEED them lol. I am so impressed by this company in terms of their product quality, and just how beautiful they are. Every shade is just perfect to me. I only have two A England polishes, and they are expensive, but they really stand out to me among a lot of other companies.

And finally (because I said I wouldn't talk-yeah that worked!)
Two perfect coats of Tristam.

Okay guys! I am off to bed! Eeek! At 3am!! But this post was worth it!!
I highly recommend this brand if you have money to spare! They are beautiful!!
If you don't then close this immediately D: Because you will need it!

I hope everybody has a fantastic day today! Happy Wednesday!

You can buy A england polishes from
 Adina on her site or
Leah Ann on her site

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Water Color Nails Mani

Hey guys! So very excited about today's post! I just LOVE how it came out!!
I first saw Water color nails HERE at
And I was really intrigued, but it kind of fell off my radar because I am forgetful
and didn't get around to write it into my Nail notebook (where I keep ideas for future mani's, sketches etc :P)
But then I came along these three other epic water color mani's!

For those unaware of this method/technique, basically you add a color at a time (or more if you want)
by placing droplets of polish onto your base color. Then you use a nail brush that is damp with acetone and kind of swirl it around. Rebecca did a awesome picture by picture tutorial to show you in the above post :)
The result is really pretty but actually very simple!

So first I started with two coats of Zoya-Purity, a white creme. Then added a coat of Seche vite.
Once it was completely dry I started with the yellow, Finger Paints-Catwalk Queen.
After yellow I used Zoya-Shawn, my absolute favorite Zoya green & possibly green period!
The green was followed by Zoya-Cynthia & Zoya-Breezi, then another coat of topcoat when I was finished!

The bottle is wet from acetone (oops!) hehe Pictured holding Zoya-Breezi

Pictured holding Zoya-Cynthia

Pictured holding Zoya-Shawn

Pictured holding Finger Paints-Catwalk Queen

& here are some really neat Gorgeous closeups! <3

I hope you guys liked this and try it out! <3 you all! -Sarah

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ManGlaze-ILF glossy & matte + Lynnderella-Connect the Dots!

Hey guys! This is my most current mani ( I was a little behind!) I just took it off last night!
I got some Manglazes for black friday and realized I had only tried once since then!
So I decided (with the help of my hubby) to use ILF!

ILF is such gorgeous color, matte and shiny! When you add a topcoat it just glimmers SO much!
I used two coats for these photos!
Manglaze has such an amazing formula, probably the best matte formula I have used.

Then I added a coat of Seche Vite..look at that! It just comes alive!
The shimmer is so pretty!
Then I added Lynnderella Connect the Dots!
I have some Lynnderella's that are in my untried & I want to change that!
I love this polish so much, especially over ILF!

Hope you guys enjoyed!  Happy Thursday!!
<3 Sarah!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flakies and Holo Galore!

Hey guys! This post is kind of crazy hehe, but sometimes I just feel like layering and layering more & more!
If you saw my post last night called "Flakie Frenzy" this is the same mani, but with multiple polishes layered on top! & if you didn't then-no worries! It's right HERE!! :)
But if you don't feel like back tracking, the base mani is OPI-Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, with Cult Nails-Clairvoyant, HITS-Lambada, Finger Paints-Twisted & pIcture pOlish-Festival layered ontop of it.

Then I added a franken topcoat with colormorphing glitters in it ontop!
 Felt like layering more so I added Essie-As Gold As It Gets!
And THEN (lol) I added my franken spectraflair holo topcoat on top of that!
I know this post is CRAZY, and a lot of polish lol But I get bored hehe and it turned out
WAY too cool to not share it! The end result is amazing! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! It was so neat and interesting, especially in person! 
I hope every single one of you have a spectacular day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flakie Frenzy! + Matte!

 Hey guys! As stated in the pevious post here is the "continuation" from the last!
After the flakie comparison I decided what better to do before I take off the mani than to layer all four flakies together?!? & Then make it matte!! So Welcome to today's post!
Psssst..If you missed the flakie comparison it is HERE :)
And + Essie Matte about You!

So Gorg! lol My hubby said it looks like a stained glass window!