Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo - October 2014 A Box, Indied.

Hey all, I hope you guys are having a really good weekend. I can hardly believe that it is September!
Today's post is featuring the October exclusive Pahlish A Box, Indied polish!

The Ghost of Banquo is a super rich, deep shimmer & flakie filled dark red.
It is absolutely stunning and perfect for the Fall and Winter! It's opaque in two coats.

Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (1) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (2) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo (4) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo Macro (2) Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo Macro (1)

The October A Box, Indied will be available for purchase September 26th via Llarowe.
(Not sure what time, but keep checking the Llarowe Facebook to find out!)

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  1. Fantastic swatches, you really captured the shimmer and flakies, this is one polish I cannot wait to get my nails on!

  2. This is lovely and a great color for fall too.

  3. Gorgeous polish, I like the vampy effect of it!

  4. Oh, I love the colour and depth and shimmer of this polish. It is just stunning.

  5. I want to get Ruby Hare. Very beautiful shade and texture


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