Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cult Nails Masquerade!

Hi guys! Today's post is featuring Masquerade from the Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade Collection.
I'm just posting Masquerade since I'm really behind and come on, this is the showstopper of the trio!
I can't even explain how pretty this beauty is in person, just so much better.

It is pretty sheer but it looked nice at three thin coats,
 I added a fourth since sometimes polishes can appear more sheer in photos vs in person.

Cult Nails Masquerade

Cult Nails Masquerade (1) Cult Nails Masquerade (2)

I definitely want to experiment with Masquerade & layering!
I feel bad posting it since you can't buy it anymore -_- but it's just too pretty to not share!

Who else is excited for Turkey Day?
I'm excited to eat all of the yummy food but not excited to cook it all lol!
What do you have planned for Thanksgiving?


  1. This is so stunning! I've never tried any polishes from Cult Nails, but I'm loving this one! I wouldn't mind adding 3 coats!

  2. Oh, that's PRETTY! Dagnabit, I'm sad it's no longer available!

  3. I'm kicking myself that I didn't order this set. I just always want to see lots of swatches before I buy things :( My Thanksgiving plans are mainly cooking dinner :) My sister and her boyfriend are coming down from Ohio, and I haven't spent a holiday with her in a long time. I'm so excited!

    1. Same here my plans are cooking haha
      It's just going to be me, my daughter and hubby but I have to make a feast lol!
      I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  4. Wow.... love this colour!

  5. HNNG. Going home to put on a dark green jelly and put CND Lavender Pearl over it! Or something. Purple and green together is my weakness.

  6. Lucky me, I'm not planning on cooking at all this Thanksgiving! I'm leaving all that up to my dad and the rest of my family !

  7. This is the one I want. It's such a beauty.

  8. It really is a great color. I have so many outfits that would look perfect with this haha



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