Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Polish Revolution Such a Drag Collection - Swatches & Review!

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Hello lovelies! Sorry for the serious lack of posting lately, I've been posting less and trying to catch up on swatches! 
I'm trying hard to get back on my game, or hey maybe improve!

Today's post the the awesome Polish Revolution Such a Drag Collection!
This collection was inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race! I haven't seen it before but maybe I should watch it?!
Polish Revolution Such a Drag Collection (2)
Polish Revolution Bad Ass Mother Tucker
Bad Ass Mother Tucker - One coat over China Glaze Mahogany Magic & Zoya Dree.

"If there is anything one can say about drag performers, it is this: they have confidence, and are genuine bad asses. This polish sparkles and shines like the personalities and abilities of the performers who have what it takes to be such a drag. This is a fine mix of turquoise holo, caramel, and iridescent glitter in a clear base."

Polish Revolution Having a Kiki
Having a Kiki - One coat over a grey Ombre! See the Ombre on it's own here.

"A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves. This polish is certainly a kiki-worthy party in a bottle! 
A clear base with different sized hexes of silver holographic glitter, teeny silver holo squares,
purple iridescent hexes, and purple shimmer. It will be sure to bid adieu to your ennui."

Polish Revolution Reading is Fundamental (1) Polish Revolution Reading is Fundamental (2)
Reading is Fun-damental - Over a blue and green gradient. See the gradient on it's own here.

"This polish, although it looks like it has an emerald base, is made of TEENY emerald glitter, slightly 
larger green, lavender, gold, and turquoise. You won't get read for wearing this!"

Polish Revolution You Better WERK
You Better WERK! - One coat over Elevation Cascade.

"You better werk this polish, that is. The mix of orange, red holo, and caramel glitter is 
lightened up a bit by some pink holo bits that will keep you sickening."


I really love this collection, Lauryn is just amazing with fine glitters.
Every one of these went on smooth and easy. The formulas were very consistent.
A little thin but they applied effortlessly and very evenly.

There are so many layering options with all of these, they look different over different base colors.
They can also we worn on their own, as shown by Accio Lacquer. Also check out Ida's review (I am in love with her nails!)

I love them all but I think Reading is Fun-damental is my favorite, it's even prettier in person!

The Such a Drag Collection is available on Etsy, they are $9.00 a piece.

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In addition to the Such a Drag Collection here is the Polish Revolution F'ing Classy!

Polish Revolution Fing Classy
F'ing Classy - One coat over Sephora Formula X Hyped.

"Happy Birthday to Polish Revolution! This shade commemorates the first birthday of the shop. 
A mix of fine turquoise, purple and silver metallic and holographic glitters, as well as some iridescent purple glitter, this mix is not subdued. It is sparkly and in your face, kind of like the brand and the creator. While Polish Revolution, and this lacquer, may be many things, classy probably isn't one of them. F'ing Classy, however... we can do that.

 This can also be worn alone at two-three coats. It is very dense but also lends itself well to layering."

Polish Revolution Such a Drag
What do you think of this collection?  Have you tried Polish Revolution polishes before?


  1. These are really pretty! I especially love Bad Ass Mother Tucker and Reading is Fun-damental.

  2. These are gorgeous! I love that it's a drag collection – so fun!

  3. These are beautiful! Your macro shots always amaze me!

  4. Gorgeous collection - And what a fun theme!

  5. That blue-green gradiant with the sparkly top coat is AMAZING!


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